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Reaction Design offers engineering services focused on our deep chemistry expertise to serve custom needs of transportation manufacturers, energy producers and materials processors.

Our consulting engineers have access to proprietary software programs and data to create accurate master and reduced chemical kinetic mechanisms for use in CHEMKIN-PRO, ENERGICO, FORTÉ or other CFD software. They can also perform engineering studies to support IC engine development, gas turbine and boiler design, as well as serving as an extension to  fundamental kinetic studies using Reaction Design software. We help users to come up to speed quickly with onsite training or by creating custom interfaces that integrate our software into their workflow.

Contact Reaction Design to determine the project scope that meets your budget and schedule objectives.

IC Engine Analysis using FORTÉ

Engine designers are turning to Reaction Design and the Model Fuels Consortium (MFC) mechanism library to model engine performance and emissions

Examples of FORTÉ Services Engagements:

  • A leading European engine manufacturer engaged Reaction Design Engineering Services on a project to apply FORTÉ and accurate multi-component fuel mechanisms to study staged injection diesel combustion performance. 
  • A manufacturer of small engines for recreational equipment contracted Reaction Design to elevate their development organization’s use of advanced combustion simulation through customized on-site training using FORTÉ on their engine designs and through the development of best practices for engine modeling.

Reactor Network Analysis using ENERGICO

Leading electric power generation companies are leveraging real fuel chemistry to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy from their combustion simulations.

Examples of ENERGICO Services Engagements:

  • Reaction Design worked with a major European gas turbine engine manufacturer to explore CO predictions with ENERGICO using reactor networks and accurate chemistry models.
  • A major North American gas turbine engine manufacturer engaged Reaction Design to help improve their predictions of CO and UHC in small liquid fueled gas turbines.

Expert Reaction Mechanism Creation Services

Kinetics simulation results depend upon the quality and accuracy of the reaction mechanisms used.

Examples of Mechanism Development Services:

  • Reaction Design used CHEMKIN-PRO Reaction Workbench to create jet-fuel surrogate mechanisms and reduce them for use in CHEMKIN-PRO and FLUENT CFD for a major North American gas turbine manufacturer.
  • Reaction Design was contracted to assemble and reduce fuel mechanisms for dual fuel IC engine modeling by a major European engine manufacturer.

Custom Software Development

By targeting your particular application or process, Reaction Design can develop custom software solutions  that dramatically improve simulation accuracy, lower development costs and optimize overall design effectiveness.

Custom, On-site Training Program

Reaction Design can develop customized training for delivery at the customer’s site. Materials are created to accelerate the effective use of Reaction Design’s software by local design teams through the use of “real world” examples.

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